We aim to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery by working with clinical pharmacists worldwide

Clinical pharmacy consultancy

High quality bespoke consultancy services in clinical pharmacy to hospitals across the Gulf Peninsula. We offer a range of services including training, teaching and guidance in all aspects of clinical pharmacy including many clinical specialities such as paediatrics, women’s health, oncology, cardiology, surgery and gastroenterology as well as providing support to develop leadership and management skills to ensure operational performance and clinical screening quality.

Medicines Optimisation

Improving quality, outcomes, value and safety for patients from their use of medicines. Using evidence based practice and improving patient care using a multidisciplinary approach.

Education and Training

Clinical teaching for Pharmacists, Nursing and medical staff in medicines optimisation, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, effective antibiotic usage and evidence based practice.

Clinical Audit

Identifying problem > setting critera & standards > observing practice/ data collection > comparing performance with critera and standards > implementing change.

Process and Service Development

Expanding and setting up clinical services, guidance on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), implementing multidisciplinary teams.

Clinical pharmacists are highly specialized hospital pharmacists who work to provide patient care that optimizes medication therapy and promotes health, wellness and disease prevention. All clinical pharmacists working with Global Allied Solutions will have had a minimum of 5 years extensive clinical pharmacy training in their area of speciality.

They will also have undertaken additional postgraduate training in their area of practice, including a clinical pharmacy diploma, MSc, or will be a verified independent prescriber. They are specialist healthcare professionals in their field and have an established knowledge base in their area of speciality; knowledge that encompasses the pharmacology of medications in their area of practice by encouraging and using evidence based practice at all times.

Working to support Clinicians and multi-disciplinary members in ensuring that the patient receives the best possible outcome with minimal adverse effects from their medication.