Services We Offer

Medicines and drug optimisation covers all areas of medicine usage including the safe, effective and appropriate use of medications. It includes individual patient usage; ensuring the patient receives the correct dosage, most appropriate evidence based medication, safest option for their existing clinical status and ensuring the patient is fully compliant in its usage. Medicines optimisation also includes department and hospital wide safe and effective usage of medications including medicines management policies, storage, prescribing and administration.


Our clinical pharmacists provide teaching and training for medicines management and drug optimisation in their clinical speciality. Working directly with your pharmacy staff members in an area of medicines management which you feel may need support or guidance, our pharmacists will be providing expert advice, support and delivery.  Guidance on preventing and reduction of medication errors, therapeutic drug monitoring, medicines reconciliation, medication order reviews are some of the areas of patient specific medicines management which your department may feel is needed.

On a more directorate level areas such as support setting up a medicines management hospital wide committee, policies and establishing these on the various wards and areas including teaching and training of nurses, clinicians and other healthcare professionals.


TPN if required by a patient in an inpatient stay has a considerable effect on the outcome of a patients clinical status and condition. It’s safe use is imperative and care on initiation and continuation is equally important. Global Allied Solutions provide clinical pharmacists who are specialist parenteral nutrition pharmacists in adult and paediatric parenteral nutrition. Working with your team members they are available to provide education and training on all aspects of total parenteral nutrition including appropriateness, initiation and continuation of therapy.  Where necessary we can also provide pharmacists who can provide support in the set up of the production unit and the physical manufacture of the bags.

We can also provide information and support on the initiation of parenteral nutrition setting up multi-disciplinary teams and working towards the NCEPOD goals of multidisciplinary TPN teams and excellent patient care for patients who receive TPN.



Our clinical pharmacists are available on supporting electronic prescribing systems and providing advice and support on existing electronic prescribing systems. If your hospital is in the initial process of setting up an electronic prescribing system, our pharmacists can help support you through the drug configuration and audit work associated with the drug configuration.



Regular clinical audits are integral activities that need to be undertaken to ensure the maintenance and improvement of patient care. The constant need for routine and frequent evaluations and subsequent changes to bring about improvement in patient care is a key area where Global Allied Solutions works. Clinical and non-clinical audits can be discussed and initiated by our experienced pharmacists and a follow up audit yearly or quarterly can be followed up as appropriate.



Education and training workshops or lectures are a service which we offer in a range of clinical specialities. Furthermore we provide education and training not just for pharmacists but can also incorporate clinical pharmacy teaching and training for nursing staff and clinicians.



Global Allied solutions can help your pharmacy department set up a wide range of services including SOP development, formulary development, TPN prescribing and implementing multi-disciplinary teams, for further information please contact us and we will be happy to discuss.


We aim to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery by

working with clinical pharmacists worldwide.